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A lil' bit about me. . .  My memoir, Incurable Optimist: Living with Illness and Chronic Hope, launched into the world August 2023. I've been blown away by the loveliness of reader's kind reviews and heartfelt notes that share personal hardships and hopes. I find the most idiosyncratic of stories can be the most universal. (Spoiler alert: if you're a human, uncertainty is the only sure thing.)

I've become a self-proclaimed Joy Scouter on Instagram after years of managing an incurable autoimmune kidney disease. After three + decades and four kidney transplants, I've learned that life is a mix of beauty and bummers.

On the side of beauty, I believe that (for most people) kindness is human nature.  My nonprofit work and experiences with registered and living organ donation has revealed the best of humanity. I've seen miracles.


So, in the spirit of goodness, I've created the @joyscouter instagram page—an online place to go and soak up some good energy. Wise quotes. Colorful graphics. Hits of joy and resilience and hope and happiness.


That's all it is. Just follow along if you find lil' boosts can lift you up and modify your mindset.


Visit my author website at for fun book news and events (and links for purchase if you'd like to read a story that will make you want to hug the humans you love. It is available in print, e-book, and audio book formats.) And last thing, my @jennifercramermiller instagram page has all the rest—book news, nonprofit efforts, family, friends, a bit of this and a bit of that.


In hope and joy,

Jennifer Cramer-Miller  

We all have lemons. Together, let's work to make life sweeter.

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About Me

join me at @joyscouter on instagram for joy boosting quotes & graphics!

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Scouting out Joy - Just Because...

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Words of Wisdom. Colorful Graphics. 


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Life serves lemons.
Together, let's make life 
a lil' bit sweeter.

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"We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy."

Joseph Campbell

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