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Do you live with a difficult diagnosis? I understand. As a four-time kidney transplant recipient, I offer a unique perspective on the coping/hoping journey and positive psychology techniques.


Through my writing, mentoring, and advocacy, I help individuals with serious challenges manage uncertainty and find some joy. After working with individuals one on one, I became inspired to develop an easy-access, affordable plan.


That's why I've created individual downloadable joy sessions for $14.95, OR

a four-series bundle of downloadable joy boosting guides for $29.95.


Now, for a limited time, I'm offering a FREE 7-Day Joy Booster Plan

to help you work through difficulties and jumpstart more joy.

The lessons I share are simple, but not easy. Scouting out joy is a mindset, a practice, and will change the way you live. If you're dealing with health issues, a major life event, or a soft, stubborn whisper that life could be better—it would be my honor to help you find and feel more joy. 

We all have lemons. Together, let's turn the sour into something sweeter.

email me today for YOUR FREE 7-day plan to help you manage uncertainty and boost more joy

Jennifer Cramer-Miller | | Twin Cities, MN

About Me

joy boosting guides

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One Lesson at a Time:  $14.95

We'll start with where you are. What are your current, pressing challenges? What swirls around in your head?

Session 1: The first step is to acknowledge the hard parts. So you'll start with "dammit dumps."


Then you'll learn a T + T = R technique that will shift your thought process dramatically.


Journal pages are included to track your T + T = R progress, plus a seven day Lucky List calendar.

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Four-Package Deal: $29.95 (Saves $17.85)


Sign up for a four session bundle and make a meaningful commitment to changing your life.

Session 2: Resiliency Practices + Story Analysis to Rewrite Your Narrative. Includes Journal Pages to track progress.

Session 3: Time vs. Priority Alignment, 6 Domains and 13 Triggers of Happiness, + Personalized Happiness Plan. Journal pages to track your progress.

Session 4: Unblock your Energy, Energy Audit, Directional Thinking, and breakdown of the Paradox of Joy. Journal pages to track your progress.

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Life serves lemons.
Let's stir up the sour into something sweeter.

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"We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy."

Joseph Campbell

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